“It’s still your personal news.” Ellen Foster

When Ellen goes to Baltimore to attend the humanities program at John Hopkins, she observes that, “It didn’t matter if a thousand scholars studied how Madame Bovary probably wouldn’t have had to rot from the inside if she’d read better books in her girlhood, if the idea strikes you in Baltimore in a room full of people who say they already know, my theory is it’s still your personal news.” (Kay Gibbons’ The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster

I am working on my Learning 2.0 goals and having a lot of moments of frustration trying to make my blog/site conform to my expectations. The help comments leave me feeling like Ellen in a room full of people who already know.  I have the basics, but so many questions!

  • How do you get an Amazon link with a cover image a in a post to go with a book review?
  • How do you display a Flickr badge instead of a strip of Flickr images?
  • How does the del.icio.us widget work?
  • What’s up with the text widget?
  • How do I make a static home page?
  • Why can’ t I enter anything in the Tag Surfer field?

These and more will be on my to do list for the next little while.


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