on the frame

The red and yellow quilt in progress.


finished nine patch

Finally, a picture of the finished nine patch quilt. I love this quilt. I started feeling bad about the quilting almost as soon as I put the needle in the fabric, but do you know what, it’s a really nice quilt. Is the quilting “professional”? Nope. Do I really care? Would it make it somehow a better object if I had ripped it out and started over? I don’t think so.

Soon come – Chinese coin photos.

Chinese Coins

Here is a set of strips for a Chinese Coins quilt. I don’t have the sashing or border fabric yet, but that’s OK. I’m going to make two or three of these quilts so I can frame quilt them. This is a stash busting exercise and I’m really enjoying all the fabrics.

nine patch

Here is the progress on this quilt. The fans are pretty wonky, but it will soon be a finished quilt and I’ll move on.


Start with this

Sew them together like this.

Then slice them up like this.

Insert into quilt,

Quilt as desired.

I am still not sure how I am going to quilt this top, although I do know that I want all-over continuous quilting. I had decided to go with spirals in all of the squares, side-by-side all over the top up to the borders. I quilted some out on scrap fabric and I even posted a picture last night. However I was so discouraged by how bad they looked I took the post down.(So much for honestly sharing the process!) I still think that the pattern of repeating spirals would be really interesting to look at . Here is my before and after experiment.

Before – click on the picture to expose its total awfulness.


The other idea is to go with the baptist fans I was practicing on the whiteboard. I’m leaning towards the fans. Which do you like? Any other ideas? Let me know.


colorful and bright

These cheerful nine patches have all been sewn together and I’m working on the borders. More to come.

Hope your day is fun and productive.


The process pledge

I took the Process Pledge. It simply states that “I, Catie, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.  I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.”

So that means to me that I’m going to put the whole process of learning free motion quilting out there for everyone to see. I’m a little nervous about that because some of my efforts just aren’t pretty. I visualize myself effortlessly stitching away at perfectly formed feathers when in real life I’m struggling to make make half a dozen spirals look similar to one another.

I also  took a pledge to myself to quilt every day. I even changed the name of my blog to catielee quilts every day. I’m excited to see the improvement that time will bring and to record my progress as part of the process.
Thanks for the visit.



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