on the frame

The red and yellow quilt in progress.


finished nine patch

Finally, a picture of the finished nine patch quilt. I love this quilt. I started feeling bad about the quilting almost as soon as I put the needle in the fabric, but do you know what, it’s a really nice quilt. Is the quilting “professional”? Nope. Do I really care? Would it make it somehow a better object if I had ripped it out and started over? I don’t think so.

Soon come – Chinese coin photos.

The process pledge

I took the Process Pledge. It simply states that “I, Catie, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.  I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.”

So that means to me that I’m going to put the whole process of learning free motion quilting out there for everyone to see. I’m a little nervous about that because some of my efforts just aren’t pretty. I visualize myself effortlessly stitching away at perfectly formed feathers when in real life I’m struggling to make make half a dozen spirals look similar to one another.

I also  took a pledge to myself to quilt every day. I even changed the name of my blog to catielee quilts every day. I’m excited to see the improvement that time will bring and to record my progress as part of the process.
Thanks for the visit.


Done & done!

Two tops quilted, bound, and finished!

This camera angle is distorting the shape so here is a more relaxed view of the quilt posing in my big chair.

Next is my diamond quilt.

And one more shot of the flowers. Thanks for visiting!   Catie

Look Ma!

Loops and flowers from the Pajama Quilter.  Remember, I’m just learning….but showing some improvement.

Hoping everyone can find something cool to help cope with this heat. Hm, maybe Ben & Jerry’s! All the best.


(Click for bigger images)

Thoughts about quilting, teaching, and learning?

Pulling out this quilt sparked lots of thoughts. I made this top when Dave was a baby so that would have been 1986. This was before I had cutting mats and Omnigrid rulers. My husband cut cheaters out of wood that produced the correct width strip, which I marked on the fabric with pencil and cut with scissors. I never got around to quilting it until the year I lived in Raleigh, which was 2007/08. This was my fist attempt at free-motion, drop the dogs, quilting.

On one level, I am so disappointed with my quilting that it makes me sad and on another level, I just love the big and little blue squares so much they make me happy. So, I am of two minds…

I know several women that have told me that they would like to learn to quilt. I always think, what is there to learn? You just follow the steps. But of course, there are a lot of steps and many choices to make. It’s easy to forget what it’s like to begin your first project.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in quilting not to be intimidated. There is so much satisfaction in undertaking a big project and having the tangible and beautiful results of your own creativity and sustained effort as your reward.

I would love to teach a class for brand new beginners and help them tackle a project that they can finish and build skills that will carry them into the next project! For all of you who are teachers, how did you get started? What advice would you give to me to begin teaching?

Thanks for the visit. Any comments are appreciated!

Diamonds, light and dark

This is the project that I am working on now. I’ve been collecting these batik prints for a while, so I decided it was time to cut them up. I love working on simple designs where the contrasting fabrics do all the work! There is such a sense of accomplishment when you get all the blocks made and spread out on the floor.

I have not been active on this blog for at least a year (oops!), so I’m making a new effort. I hope you will like the projects and leave me comments. I’ve finished several things recently, so I will get them posted too.

practice piece 04


A little bit closer.

PQ4 (6)

Click on pictures to see  larger images. This is my second pantograph. It actually started as my first one, but I had terrible thread issues and had to take it off the frame and frog my first attempt. So… this silly piece

PQ 3 (2)slipped into the first spot. As you can see it is well liked by its intended user! LOL

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