The process pledge

I took the Process Pledge. It simply states that “I, Catie, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.  I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.”

So that means to me that I’m going to put the whole process of learning free motion quilting out there for everyone to see. I’m a little nervous about that because some of my efforts just aren’t pretty. I visualize myself effortlessly stitching away at perfectly formed feathers when in real life I’m struggling to make make half a dozen spirals look similar to one another.

I also  took a pledge to myself to quilt every day. I even changed the name of my blog to catielee quilts every day. I’m excited to see the improvement that time will bring and to record my progress as part of the process.
Thanks for the visit.



August News

I can’t believe that it has been almost two weeks since I’ve posted. It has been a busy time.

My two sweeties were here earlier in the month and then Brian was here again this weekend. They have finished their summer season at the Outer Banks and are now headed back to Aspen, CO. (Maybe I should have been a Naturalist!)

I have had a few job interviews and one offer (finally!). I am now a part-time librarian at Central Piedmont Community College, and I feel pretty good about it.  OK, it would be better if it was full-time but I’m just not going to worry about that right now.

Mike and I went camping in the Blue Ridge at Mt. Pisgha and we had a lot of fun. We hiked the summit trail and the views were wonderful. A  little tough on the knees though.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I have had a busy time of it for the last week or so. I was in Beaufort, SC at the end of February and then immediately traveled to Suffolk, Va on the 1st of March. The next Tuesday found me in Charlotte, NC interviewing at PLCMC.  I started sending out applications right after the New Year and it took several weeks before I began to have some interviews. I was really lucky in that I had two offers on the same day. I’m starting my first professional job at the South County Regional Library with the Public Library of Charlotte &  Mecklenburg County. I feel great about it. South County Regional specializes in recent and high demand materials. The facility is 34,000 sq.ft., making it the largest branch in the system. What a wonderful place to launch a career!

CarolinaOn the family front, I had the opportunity to visit my son at the St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center on John’s Island while I was in South Carolina. He works as a naturalist at the camp. They teach school children about the coastal eco-system and it was just a nice treat to be able to see his place of work. Here he is showing me Carolina, the alligator.


I am visiting Beaufort,  SC and it is beautiful!


This is a photo of the Beaufort County Library on Scott St. The library is just a couple of blocks from the waterfront in Historic Beaufort.  How nice for community members and tourist alike. The palm tree by the water reminds me of my Key West days.  It’s hard to believe it’s still February.


The Rocketship Analogy

When I owned Rocket Reprographics I developed a business model that worked very well for a business of this size and type. I called it the Rocketship Analogy, and it became a useful tool to describe our work philosophy to interview candidates and to create staff buy-in for my business goals.

The basic premise held that the business was a figurative rocket ship. However, it was more of a Hans Solo Millennium Falcon than a Star Trek Enterprise. Feature a small working craft deep in outer-space. The ship is equipped with supplies to sustain us throughout the mission, but we’re on our own. Whatever happens, we deal with it. The objective is to make it back to port, cargo intact, so we all get paid and set sail again.

Every ship must have a captain, and that was me. But we were a small working vessel and every crew member was equally important. It took everyone doing their job well, being efficient, looking out for the ship, and manning his or her watch to get us back to port each time. We didn’t carry passengers.

Our primary objective was to complete the mission and get paid, but while we’re working the rocket-ship was for us. As long as we met our goals, we were free to occupy the job in the way that suited each one of us the best. The concept worked great for us. We were interdependent on each other and on the company for our jobs and we all knew it. The idea of being in space with limited supplies reminded us of the value of everything. The equipment, the crew, our resources, all were vital to the success of the mission.

When you own a small business, you are much more dependent on your staff than they are on you, although most people working at their jobs feel it is the other way around. When you put someone in a job you make a sizable investment in that individual. You also entrust him or her to represent your company to your customer base. Your success is largely in the hands of the people who work for you, so it is in your best interest to make sure that the business provides well for those people. The Rocketship Analogy recognizes this as part of its structure. The crew you go into space with are the folks that will be with you in whatever emergency so you choose well and you do your best to make it worth their while.

On the other hand, employees depend on the captain to secure a cargo, ply their trade, and generate an income. The Rocketship Analogy addresses the responsibility of each crew-member to the well being of the mission and the ship.

Hello world!

Here I am. I needed some space on the web to help promote my job search, express opinions, and generally get some more experience with web2.0. Happily WordPress seems to be designed to do just that. Today is my first day using this program, and I haven’t had time to explore all its features yet. I did put up my resume, so you are welcome to have a look. I will be back with more comments and content, but first I have to figure out how to drive this thing.