nine patch

Here is the progress on this quilt. The fans are pretty wonky, but it will soon be a finished quilt and I’ll move on.



Mid Carolina Shop Hop

(Finally got back and linked the images to the Websites.)

Sorry, I don’t have time for a real post but I wanted to put up these pictures of the participating shop hop stores.

Thank you to all the quilt shops. I loved getting to see all the stores, quilts, and scorching hot North Carolina!

Anyway, I have to be out of town for a couple of days, so I will add the links for these stores as well as the two I didn’t photograph when I get back.

I’m a little optimistic about this trip, so wish me luck in advance. Thanks!

Drawing Diamonds, light and dark

Here is the drawing file for Diamonds. dark and light.  I cut squares that were five & seven/eighths to finish at ten inches.  It would have worked just as well to cut the squares at six inches to take advantage of the width of the ruler.

The squares are coming together slowly. It always takes me longer that I think it will to assemble all the squares.  This quilt will finish at 80×80 (approx.)

red and yellow

The red and yellow blocks are coming together.

red and yellow 003

freehand flowers (pq5)

More attempts at the freehand flowers from the pajama quilter.

pq5 011I started drawing target circles for my flowers. That helps me keep the flowers bigger because they had been getting really small. (look at the ones on the right in this photo) I also tried a couple of variations in the flower centers, still trying to get the flowers to be bigger with better petals. Some of them came out pretty good,pq5 005and some of them were not so good. (sigh)pq5 006That splotch under the particularly bad flower is where my needle deposited a blob of oily linty grunge.

freehand flowers (pq 5)

First attempt  practicing some free hand flowers I learned  from the Pajama Quilter.

heartstring project

I started making blocks so that I can have a sample quilt finished for quilting program I am planning for the library in January. We are going to make heartstring blocks. Here are the ones that I have started.

x 017

x 022

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