practicing fills on the frame

Here’s a look at how the frame quilting is going. Click on the photos to enlarge. Happy Friday.



squarish spirals

I am very inspired by Leah Day’s 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting! She makes quilting on her domestic sewing machine look easy. Here’s my attempt at spiral squares. I’ll be posting more of these scans as I work on my free motion skills. All the best.


early efforts

The theory is that mastering free motion on the home sewing machine will translate into better stitches while I’m frame quilting and better frame quilting will lead to a better long arm machine. The logic is flawless, right?

See how some of the stitches look kind of even. Sort of. It’s upward from here! Thanks for the visit.



I’ve been looking at some wonderful blogs today and I have a bad case of beginner’s blues. Anyway, I have some yellow fabric on the frame, so here’s a pic.

No, you don’t get to see the the ones done on the little home sewing machine. Not until I’ve had some serious practice!


August News

I can’t believe that it has been almost two weeks since I’ve posted. It has been a busy time.

My two sweeties were here earlier in the month and then Brian was here again this weekend. They have finished their summer season at the Outer Banks and are now headed back to Aspen, CO. (Maybe I should have been a Naturalist!)

I have had a few job interviews and one offer (finally!). I am now a part-time librarian at Central Piedmont Community College, and I feel pretty good about it.  OK, it would be better if it was full-time but I’m just not going to worry about that right now.

Mike and I went camping in the Blue Ridge at Mt. Pisgha and we had a lot of fun. We hiked the summit trail and the views were wonderful. A  little tough on the knees though.

Enjoy your Sunday!


gaining slowly

Progress being made.

I think the little pile of trimmings is just as festive as the blocks.

Couple of interviews coming up. Wish me luck.


Done & done!

Two tops quilted, bound, and finished!

This camera angle is distorting the shape so here is a more relaxed view of the quilt posing in my big chair.

Next is my diamond quilt.

And one more shot of the flowers. Thanks for visiting!   Catie

just meandering around

I’ve been busy quilting. I finished the light and dark diamonds quilt with the freehand loops and flowers from the previous post. Next  I meandered my friend Margaret’s quilt which will become a birthday/off to school quilt for her son. As soon as I get the bindings applied I will post both finishes. I have two more completed tops to quilt, but before I can start I have to do the dreaded housework. I have some ambitious plans along those lines, so if I actually accomplish my goal, I’ll post before and after pictures of that too.

Every post should have a picture so here is a little meander.

Sometimes two pictures are better than one, so here is a little chipmunk (a little out of focus). I’m really glad to see this little guy. We have had a terrible problem with feral cats and this is the first summer I’ve seen chipmunks in years. If you put water out for the small creatures they will really appreciate it and reward you with lots of fun entertainment!

Happy Wednesday to everyone.


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